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Scandaltown Tickets

4.5 4 reviews
Lyric HammersmithLondon
World premiere of Scandaltown at London's Lyric Hammersmith!

“We are not virtuous, but neither are we cruel. We believe in simply: no shame.”

When noble heroine Miss Phoebe Virtue receives worrisome news on Instagram that her twin brother Jack may be endangering his reputation in London Town, she decides she must visit herself, and investigate…

Set in our post-pandemic capital, full of immorality, political hypocrisy and the machinations of a fame-hungry elite, award-winning writer Mike Bartlett’s brand new Scandaltown is an irreverent satire for our times.

Artistic Director Rachel O’Riordan directs the world premiere of this modern restoration comedy. Expect the finest couture, rakish behaviour, explicit hashtags and a party that will have all of London talking.

Welcome to Scandaltown.