English National Ballet Nutcracker. Image: A ballerina in white stands in a barren, snowy forest. She is turned to the side en pointe with one leg stretched out behind her. Her arms are extended and she holds a nutcracker above her face staring up at it.
Text: Stunning! Matthew Bourne's Magical version of the Tim Burton classic. Edward Scissorhands. 5 stars. Image: Edward scissorhands kissing a girl, they are stood against a sky background and are stood in a heart.
Text: Cirque Du Soleil, Alegria: In a New Light, Royal Albert Hall. Now On Sale, Begins 11th Jan 2024. Image: A circus woman dressed in a dazzling silver costume, against an orange and green/blue background, she is wearing contour and is staring into the distance, there are feathers falling around her and glimmers of orange light across the picture.
Against a background of towerblocks alongside a river, a dancer flings one bare foot high, her arms crossed in front of her body as she twists in the opposite direction. Her skin is spattered with mud and the image is in black and white, apart from highlights of coppery brown around her nose, cheeks and eyes.
The English National Ballet logo sits in the top left corner. Giselle IMAGE: A Woman in white poses gracefully, arms crossed,  hands pointing up toward her shoulders. She is standing in a bower of flowers.
Text: China before communism. Shen Yun 2024. Image: A woman in a striking pose against a green background.
Text: Death Trap. Black background with three dancers in various poses either side of the title.
ext: BalletBoyz England On Fire. Image: A red blurred background with a person standing in front
Text: Karen Ruimy presents, House of Flamenka, Directed and Created by Arlene Phillips. Sadlers's Wells West End Peacock Theatre, 17-28 October 2023. Image: A Woman ia red dress in the middle of a group of dancers, there is a red stage curtain and a bright light behind her.
Text: Malevo, 31 October - 4 November, Sadler's Wells West End Peacock Theatre. Image: Mavelo shirtless with drums, standing in formation.

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The Essence of Dance

"On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists" - Michael Jackson.

Dance needs no explanation, but only a few can master its wide range of styles. However, there is more to it than putting an impressive show. Dance is a means of expression; it is a profession but also a passion. It is an art form that helps people express and communicate with the help of body movements. While it is a key element of performing arts and culture, dance is also a part of life.

World-class Dance Theatre in London

Every year, there are thousands of dance shows held throughout the nation. The British theatre industry is rich in skilled dancers, putting on productions in major national and international stages, as well as smaller regional locations throughout the year. London is famous for its performing arts scene, of which dance is an integral part. Performances trace back to the Middle Ages but have seen increased popularity in the city over the ages, where many people watch dance every year. There are several community dance classes, live events and major shows in dance theatre, London. An estimated 200 dance organisations in the UK employ around 30,000 people, representing roughly half the number of people professionally involved in dance.

London is where you can find almost every kind of dance you have or haven't heard of before. The capital has a reputation for hosting some of the biggest dance shows and continues to do so. Performances staged in dance theatre London involve various genres, ranging from classical and ballet to contemporary, hip hop street, jazz, regional and more. Shows are of an exceptional standard, attracting huge crowds every year. So, if you are in the capital and looking for an unforgettable experience, check out for the shows playing now.